15 August 2017

New pieces

While I am posting the latest pieces of the second batch on the project website and Instagram (@capsuleart), I think about new pieces and different base options for them, which can highlight capsules and light.

14 July 2017

Second batch is out...

005 - Oh Deer!

I have finished five new pieces last week and I am still working on two more, but couldn't resist to share the first one out, Oh Deer! , in its location. It is in the guest room of a Bodrum stone house.

20 June 2017


Well, I have learned a lot while making the second batch and one of them was about the framing; the simple is better! I varnished them to have a slightly coloured finishing but it didn't work the way I want. Anyway, all looks good and ready for the gluing of the Nespresso capsules.

15 June 2017


The framing of seven pieces is done. As of today, I started to work on LEDs, provided by LED Sepeti Co. in Istanbul. Almost there...

16 May 2017

Open Air Workshop - Bodrum

In addition to the planned six pieces, there is Oh Deer!, and total 7 pieces are on the way. Yesterday I have painted the first coat of the bases and today I am planning to finish the paint job for all.

It takes more time than I expected due to trips to Istanbul in between but I am on it :) By the way, this is the bonus piece of the second batch. It is an adaptation of a spray art on a net.

Oh Deer!

01 May 2017

Flying capsules...

Hundreds of used Nespresso capsules flew to Bodrum yesterday for the second batch.

12 March 2017

Capsules and Light @Recyclart

Today, "Capsules and Light" project has been featured on Recyclart.org, a website which is about creative ideas based on repurposed, recycled, reclaimed, upcycled and restored things.

 Capsules and Light @Recyclart

Here is the link;
Nespresso Capsules & Light, Now That's Capsuleart!